Air driven liquid pumps are instrument widely used in industrial applications especially the ones that deal with liquids. They are applied mostly in industries that deal with both thin and highly viscous liquids. The air driven liquid pumps are far much more advantageous that the electricity driven ones since they only require air to deliver the services the liquids. Electricity pumps cannot be used because of the high flammability of the liquids mostly oils and petroleum. The pumps are also reliable since they deliver a relatively constant flow of the respective liquids with a consistent pressure all throughout the operation time.

Viking instruments offer highly reliable and quality instruments that have stood the test of time. As a company we have been supplying the whole of North America with our products and they have been tested and tried. We have positive response from the clients because of the quality products we get from the industry. We offer customer satisfaction in accordance to their needs. Listening to the desires and complaint of the customers is our clear and main mission. Viking industries has grown along with developing and growing technology to offer high quality materials and product to the clients. we have also invested heavily on innovations to ensure that we give the best quality equipment to our clients and customers.

When choosing an air driven liquid pump care should be taken in order to make the right selection that will be compatible with your application and further deliver the best work. Since the equipment is a critical component of the whole plant, it should be chosen carefully to ensure that the best is given for the right job. Focus should be given to the characteristics of the machine like reliability, pressure, quality and the capability of the horse power.

More so, the air pump that is chose should be compatible to the liquid that is to be pumped. The pump has to be designed according to the type of fluid that is to reduce any risks that is associated with the choice of the wrong type of the system. There are considerations that should be taken to ensure safety of the whole operation. The temperature, acidity, operating temperatures, solid considerations and also the vapour pressure. They should be put to consideration to ensure that the whole process is smooth. We also have professionals and experts who offer the best advice and solutions to the malfunctioning of systems that have been bought from us.