High pressure tubing is one of the major factors that need to be considered in a system to provide the best critical link between the main media system and the tubing. The connection ought to be tight so that it can offer maximum throughput and ensure that the best is achieved. The tubing are developed for different industrial applications that demand good performance. The selection on any tubing should be based on the compatibility of the tubing to the main media. The high pressure tubing is mostly applied in the oil and gas extraction sites and therefore their working should be of highest performance because of the flammability nature of the gas.

The tubing further is applied in military and aerospace programs. The high pressure that is experienced helps in the extraction of the gas and oil from very hostile environments which would otherwise require the corrosion resistance and strength of stainless steel. Care has to be taken to ensure that the right type and connection tubing is chosen to ensure that the material performs perfectly in the system. The tubing material for instance, should be highly regarded and preferably stainless steel. The steel material can be the best since the material can be used perfectly in environments that high pressure and temperature are experienced. Other materials can be considered in places with less pressure and temperature. However, it should be considered that stainless steel should be used with stainless steel tubing otherwise any other tubing material might result in galvanic corrosion.

The tubing should be selected carefully to ensure and further achieve gas tight seal. Any surface imperfections should be tightly sealed to provide better performance. The tight characteristic is achieved with the ferrules penetrating the surface of the tubing material. For instance if the tubing provides a radial resistance and further the tubing material is softer than the ferrules, then penetration can be achieved.