Chemical Injection Control System

(For Pneumatic and Electrical Pumps)

The BossPac BlueBox™ Fluid Injection Controller

The BlueBox fluid injection controller is an ultra-low power controller that has been programmed to control up to 3 fluid injection systems.

  • Adjust flow rates by ambient temperature, flow pressure, or daily liters
  • Monitor your flow rate and save your money

The controller uses its 20 configured I/O’s to calculate appropriate on/off pumping times for any given setting. Daily flow volumes can be set based upon the controller’s ambient temperature or by modifying the controller’s set points through its touch screen or serial interface. The Bosspac BlueBox™ Controller may be installed into existing panels or into a box mounted near the fluid pump. The BossPac BlueBox™ Fluid Injection Controller supports 6 standard AA batteries as a backup power source to continue data logging in the event of power failure.




Solution B

Program the Chemical Injection Pump Meter straight to your existing RTU.

The meter comes equipped with a NO/NC signal that can be hooked up to any remote terminal unit / PLC unit. The programming would have to be provided by the PLC supplier.