Many existing industries and companies offer services of the sanitary gauge and their application. The sanitary gauge is applied and can be used in many other places across the so many other the so many sectors and industries. Sanitary gauges can be customized to fit their purpose in those places. Other sanitary gauges are made and designed for general purpose. The prices of the different gauge are cheap and in accordance with the areas of application of the sanitary gauge. However, the prices differ in different companies and firm that sell them. Viking instrument that has been in operation for a long period can be trusted for better services and delivery. Although it is not a guarantee to the has a higher probability of performance than a newly existing company. Market information can also be gathered in order to know the services that the company offers.

Sanitary gauge is designed and manufactured for applications in biotechnical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries where sanitary conditions are a priority. In the production of food and pharmaceuticals, security of the public is the foremost the chain of processes within the plant, pressure measurement plays a key role; however, it is important that the design and installation of the sanitary gauges be fulfilled optimally to ease the process of cleaning.

When choosing the sanitary gauge you have to consider the material, quality and surface. It is recommended that the user should use the sealing material are toxicologically harmless and sufficiently resistance to abrasion from aggressive cleaning and disinfecting. In order to avoid biofilms, the wetted surface must be passive and free from any microscopic flaws. It is important to use diaphragm seals to separate the sanitary pressure gauge since it ensures that the process connection is free from dead space or dead spaces should be reduced to a minimum.