Training Seminars

Autoclave Cone and Thread Classes

  • Specific to the Autoclave product line, this seminar is designed for high pressure applications (15,000-150,000 PSI), which require a  coned and threaded connection on the tubing. In this class, our instructor will teach safety, how to properly cone and thread the tubing,  as well as the correct fitting make up procedures.

Autoclave Training

Tube Bending Classes – Installation Training

  • This session will educate our customers on the proper tube bending techniques and best practices. In addition, participants will also learn about tube gain, and how to measure and prepare for a tube bend through extensive hands-on training.

Tube Bending Class

Regulator Seminars

  • Viking offers seminars to our customers to better educate them on the products they use. During the product training for our Regulators, we will disassemble the unit, explain the different parts and mechanisms, and teach our customers what to look for when choosing a good regulator.

Regulator Training

Valve Training

  • Having a vast knowledge of various types of valves, here at Viking we also offer product training on our valves. We will show different samples, and tell our customers about the best application use for each specific valve. In addition, we’ll provide knowledge on flow coefficient, temperature and pressure curves, industry standards, as well as what to keep in mind when buying/specifying valves.

Valves Parker

Manifold Training

  • We like to keep our customers feeling confident in their purchase decisions, so we also offer product training on our manifolds where we show sample products, give advice on how/where to use each manifold, provide customers with knowledge on industry standards, flow coefficient, temperature and pressure curves, as well as what to keep in mind when buying/specifying manifolds.

Manifold Training

Tube Fabrication Course

  • This is an installation course that teaches customers how to perform proper fitting make up procedures, and how to select the right tubing using temperature and pressure charts. We will also go over industry standards and best practices, inform customers about safety and how to select the right materials to avoid galling. When this course is completed in conjunction with our tube bending class, customers will receive an industrial certification..

Tube Fabrication 1

Gauge Training

  • We feel providing our customers with the knowledge they need is necessary, which is why at Viking, we like to make it a priority to ensure our customers are informed. For this reason, we offer product training on the gauge lines that we carry. During these sessions, we perform demonstrations, show samples and are go over any questions our customers have in order to select the proper gauge.

Gauge Training